You can soon stream your Android phone’s audio to Windows 11

Microsoft’s Phone Link app (originally called Your Phone) was rebranded in the spring of this year, and then refreshed with a brand new design that aligns it with the new Windows 11 UI. Phone Link is already an extremely useful device for Windows and is able to for when you own the Samsung phone.

It is possible to connect your Android phone to your desktop and sync all your notifications as well as contacts, messages and even apps (if you own the Samsung phones). It’s true that Phone Link features are already sufficient to sync your devices in real-time, however there’s still numerous possibilities of improving the application for users who are not Samsung.

It’s good news, Microsoft is working on an update for”Phone Link “Phone Link” app that will allow you to share your phone’s audio on the desktop. The feature is known as “Stream audio to your PC” and allows you to be able to hear and view things you share by your phone on your computer. In a sense it’s similar to Spotify’s Connect feature.

Stream audio to your desktop from phone
Stream audio to your desktop from phone

“You have spoken and we were listening! Now, you can hear and view things you’ve shared with your phone on your computer. Select the device you’d prefer to play audio on within Phone Link settings,” Microsoft said.

The feature is accessible in the notification area in Phone Link. Phone Link app. It is being made available to select users , but it’s not working at present.

Continuity Browser History

Microsoft is working on a innovative feature in phone link. Phone Link app – “Continuity Browser History”.

Microsoft is working on a innovative feature
Microsoft is working on a innovative feature

The name suggests and below picture suggests it, this feature permits Samsung users to connect their browsing history to the desktop, or reverse the process using Phone Link and Samsung’s default Internet browser.

Unfortunately, Continuity Browser History is another Samsung exclusive feature that is available for Phone Link. Phone Link app. But, users who aren’t Samsung can always use Microsoft Edge’s built-in ‘Continue’ browsing experience.

What’s next for Windows 11 apps – Screen Recorder

Alongside enhancements to existing apps such as Phone Link, Microsoft is also developing an integrated Screen Recorder that will be available to be integrated into Windows 11.

This was teased at the Surface event held in October.

The Snipping Tool in Windows 11 will soon be updated to include screen recording and it’s definitely a great addition since Windows does not have a simple method of recording your screen, unless you’re prepared to utilize Xbox Game Bar to record certain actions.

Microsoft did not talk much about the screen recorder that is coming but it seems like it could be included within Snipping Tool later in the year.

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