Windows 11’s built-in Screen recorder feature is almost here

In the spring of this calendar year Microsoft officially confirmed that the most anticipated features in Windows 11 features ‘Screen recorder however it wasn’t included in the final version of 22H2 unfortunately. But, it appears Microsoft plans to release it to production and beta machines over the next few weeks.

A built-in screen recorder could be beneficial in a range of situations, like sharing a specific clip with your family or friends, or recording activities such as troubleshooting games, or even analysis. Although there are a variety of amazing third-party apps as well as Microsoft’s Game Bar there to help in this regard but the built-in Screen recorder can solve a lot of issues for free.

If you need to frequently record screen events, Microsoft is working on the Screen recorder built into Windows 11 to suit your requirements. This screen recorder can be used with the existing Snipping Tool available for Windows 11 and it was announced by Microsoft in a new challenge published on the Feedback Hub.


Image Courtesy: Microsoft | Snipping Tool with screen recorder
Image Courtesy: Microsoft | Snipping Tool with screen recorder


Of course, third-party apps will provide more features than Microsoft’s application however, if you simply want to record videos of your desktop more often at no cost, Windows 11’s Snipping Screen Recorder tool may be a great fit.

The Microsoft Feedback Hub has confirmed Screen Recorder is available for Windows 11

As per a post, which has since been removed in the Feedback Hub, Snipping Tool version 11.2211.11.0 or later includes this capability.


Screen Recorder confirmed by Microsoft in a now-removed post
Screen Recorder confirmed by Microsoft in a now-removed post


The screen recorder appears to be available to all versions of Windows 11, thanks to Snipping Tool integration. At first, only those in the Dev channel can test the feature.

To make use of Screen Recorder, Microsoft recommends that users follow these steps: Screen Recorder feature, Microsoft advises users to comply with these steps:

  1. Open Start menu > All apps > Snipping Tool.
  2. Choose the Record button and switch to Record mode from Snip mode.
  3. Click on the brand new +New button.
  4. Choose a specific area on the screen. In order to do that, hold and click, then slide the cursor over the screen.
  5. Select the desired part of the screen, then release your mouse.
  6. Resize the area you have selected.
  7. Choose the Start button once you are satisfied with the chosen region. It will be visible on the menu of overlays.
  8. After the countdown has ended and the recording for the chosen region will begin.
  9. You can stop the recording and save the recorded footage by pressing the button that says stop on the menu for overlays.

Microsoft claims that the recordings will appear automatically within the Snipping Tool playback menu.

You can also watch the recording and save the recording or create with a fresh recording or new snippet, according to Microsoft’s Feedback Hub post.

It’s worth noting that some users may encounter problems with this feature in the initial version of this update. There are likely to be bugs as the feature hasn’t been made available and Microsoft will need time to work out the issues as a result of feedback from users in Windows Insider. Windows Insider program.

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