Windows 11 KB5019980 replaces search bar glass icon with a new large text button

Windows 11 KB5019980 is available to those who aren’t part of this beta test program. it has a number of options, including tabs that support File Explorer and more.

KB5019980 is a required security update that was released in the November 2022 Patch Tuesday cycle. This means that it is automatically downloaded and installed until you manually stop the updates. Most likely, you are already running the latest update installed to your system, and that changes such as the tabbed File Explorer or taskbar overflow UI are live.

It appears that there’s a second unknown change that’s not documented within this cumulative update: the new look of search in the taskbar. Although Windows 10 lets you switch between the search icon as well as the huge screen for searching, in Windows 11, the search icon on the taskbar of Windows 11 is a small icon that is located right next on the button for Start.

The KB5019980 version of the design of the search bar

search bar
New search button design


Microsoft is currently testing a new feature for the taskbar’s search function in the final build, and it’s not what you’d expected. In this image, Microsoft is adding a Windows 10-like search bar substituting the small icon for searching.

Three new search bar design in Windows 11 production (A/B tested)
Three new search bar design in Windows 11 production (A/B tested)


The new search bar appears to be smaller than the Windows 10 search box and is more compatible with the latest OS”fluent WinUI appearance, however it doesn’t change the functionality, and it’ll operate in the same way.

The change is rolling out to users who have KB5019980.

An insider with knowledge of Microsoft’s Windows development revealed that Microsoft is currently testing different versions on the bar for searching. Based on engagement and feedback from users, Microsoft will officially announce the new look in the coming weeks.

Some users aren’t happy with the new Windows 11 search interface

In reaction to our tweet numerous users have told us they’re not pleased with the changes and ought to be a way to toggle between both buttons.

“I would like to have the option to switch between the bar and icon. The new look is pretty good, but I prefer having more screen space” one user said. “They must stop this type of testing. I’m talking about what is the reason someone would want buttons with icons and text? Many insiders have complained over this.” an unsatisfied user said.

Microsoft has also announced some other improvements for the search bar on the taskbar. For instance, Windows 11 preview build has been testing new display tips that enable users to get the most out the features of Windows Search.

Microsoft is testing different methods to give suggestions regarding how to make use of Windows Search.

“Only some English-speaking Windows Insiders in the U.S. will see this,” the company stated.

Of course, we had hoped that more important features would be included in the taskbar of Windows operating systems, which is currently in a state of degeneration However, it seems that the company’s focus is on the design aspect, at least for the moment.

This is among the new features that will help Microsoft more than consumers. Microsoft might be planning to make use of the space that is empty within Google’s search box to advertise Bing and Edge-related services which shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the company has already implemented similar things in Windows 10.

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