WhatsApp for Windows 11 is getting a dedicated “Calls” tab

WhatsApp UWP is regularly updated and we saw a number of new features add to the Facebook-owned messaging app in the last year. Meta updated the user interface for WhatsApp to Windows 11 with WinUI and Fluent Design Recently, the service was upgraded with reaction support.

Facebook is currently testing a new update for its beta version of the app that’s made available via the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The latest update includes the ‘calls’ tab within the messaging application. As you will see in the below photo the specific “calls” tab has been added to the left in the application.

This new shortcut to the call tab allows you to access quickly all of your voice and video calls. It’s important to note that the call tab isn’t yet available extensively and users might not be able to see the new experience even if they’ve got access to the Beta version however, it will be accessible to everyone in the near future.

WhatsApp calls tab in action
WhatsApp calls tab in action

The new tab will be displayed next to Chats as well as Status. It is also possible to search for call by using the search bar located above call history. The tab called calls allows you to manage prior calls. You may click on the call item to find out what the details of the call are, like the duration as well as the day of the phone call.

In the past, users had to open the chat window, then click the call button to contact the individual. The new option lets users can make calls to anyone. This feature helps WhatsApp WhatsApp application more competitive with other apps that offer calling capabilities like Facebook’s Messenger.

As we mentioned at the beginning the WhatsApp call feature is experiencing slow progress and will be available to all users in the near future.

Snapchat is now available on the Microsoft Store

In similar news, Meta’s rival Snapchat has finally released its app on Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store for Windows PCs.

If you’re familiar Windows Phone history, you’re likely to be aware of Snapchat’s complex background with Microsoft’s Store-based platform. In those Windows Phone days, Snapchat was averse to Microsoft’s mobile platform and was among the most talked about topics supporting the idea of an app gap.

The new Snapchat app is built upon its web-based version of Snapchat which is an online wrapper, that is powered by Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge. The app’s size is lower than 2MB, and includes all the features that you can find in the web version. But, it’s an app for the web that functions just like native apps.

You can locate the app on Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store and try yourself.

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