Our first look at Windows 11 22H2’s upcoming Task Manager features

Windows 11 22H2 is apparently receiving a major Task Manager upgrade before the users in their Dev Channel. Task Manager, the best tool for finding applications that slow down the PC and shutting down the running processes, has an integrated search bar, as well as other features to allow users to quickly find apps that are consuming system resources.

As tabs are supported Like tabs support File Explorer, this is one of the features that has been requested by many since a long time. It’s a regular feature that should have existed, but was never available until now. Through the search bar you can locate apps or processes such as ‘File Explorer’ by entering the file’s name into the bar.

You can choose the process and then right-click it to initiate actions like “End the process” or open the document’s location. The search bar helps make Task Manager more user-friendly and you are able to easily check the system’s resources for an application by searching the name of the app or the process’s name within Task Manager.



Search bar in Task Manager!
Search bar in Task Manager!

A better theme-based support system for Task Manager

As you’re likely aware, Task Manager was also updated to support dark mode with Windows 11 version 22H2. It was not possible to launch Task manager in light mode in the event that the OS itself was using its dark mode.

Microsoft has finally made it possible to change the theme used by Task Manager directly via its settings.

Task Manager theme preference in Settings
Task Manager theme preference in Settings


No matter what the active Windows theme You can now select the theme you prefer in the Task Manager.

Microsoft has also enabled dark mode support in app dialogs. The majority of dialogs have been upgraded with the dark mode feature and with Fluent Design However, two of the older dialogs “Run new task” and “Properties” are still using the old Win32 design at the moment, at least.

The new dialogs will be able to adhere to specific colors or Task Manager/Windows themes.

Updated modern Task Manager dialogs
Updated modern Task Manager dialogs


Microsoft has been testing the Task Manager improvements in the Beta channel. Users who are not part of those in the Windows Insider Program will be receiving the update within a couple of months.

Task Manager is expected to improve even more in the coming months.

Task Manager got a significant change in its September 2022 update, and it appears that more updates are in the pipeline for the app as per sources who are familiar with the process. It’s a positive change in Microsoft’s strategy after a lot of users complained the Task Manager development was abandoned by Microsoft for many years.

It’s also evident that Microsoft is investigating the small things in the most popular apps such as Task Manager and we’re expecting more Fluent Design changes over the next few months.

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