Hate the new giant search bar on Windows 11? Microsoft is working on a ‘fix’

As you’re likely aware, Microsoft is currently testing A/B new designs for the search feature in the Windows 11 taskbar in the current versions. The test uses the same design to Windows 10’s search bar.

The taskbar is among the features that is most criticized of Windows 11 and many had hoped for immediate improvements following Windows 11’s initial launch. For instance we’ve all believed that the capability to move or change the size of it would soon be made available in Windows 11. However, Microsoft is experimenting with changes to the design of the taskbar.

The version of the search bar will be smaller in size than existing search bar that was on Windows 11 and it certainly is compatible with the Microsoft’s WinUI which is also known as Fluent Design. It functions almost exactly the same manner. If you click the search button, a search interface will be displayed on the desktop, which allows users to search for files on the internet or in local storage.


Search bar on taskbar
Search bar on taskbar


The issue with Windows 11’s upgraded searching bar has it replacing the tiny icon that a lot of people prefer instead of a huge text banner for search. Although Windows 10 allows you to toggle between the bar and the search (magnifying glass) bar and the button however, the option to turn off this new design isn’t available in Windows 11.

It’s frustrating because of a myriad of reasons. It appears that Microsoft is finally responding to those who have complained about the limiting search bar in Windows 11

In the most recent preview versions, Microsoft has finally started testing the feature that allows you to switch between different designs of search in the taskbar.

There are four choices in Settings and Personalization. The Taskbar to hide (this is a simple way to eliminate the search option off the taskbar) Search icon only (a small magnifying icon) or search box (a gigantic search bar) as well as a the search button (a button that has a small search bar and text).

A setting to change taskbar search design
A setting to change taskbar search design


Of course, it is the record that Microsoft is playing around with non-essential taskbar functions instead of restoring essential functions that were removed from Windows 11.

Fortunately, Microsoft is not planning to alter the function in Search or alter the functionality of Search in any manner. So you can utilize it to look up applications, documents or images online or on your local storage on your computer.

This toggle is being tested in beta builds and we’re not sure when it’ll begin being made available to the entire test users. However there’s no confirmation of when this feature will be accessible within Windows 11 version 22H2 (production).

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